Coffee Appreciation

Join with us to experience and appreciate coffee at a totally different level.

Do you want to expand your coffee roasting knowledge or are you starting from scratch? Our coffee Appreciation course is the perfect starting point to learn the foundations of coffee roasting. We will show you how.

Coffee Appreciation and Roasting Workshop

Course duration 3 hours.
Mondays: 6pm – 9pm

Saturdays: 9am – 12pm

Cost $99


Experience the bean to cup method. Our roasting class is designed to give you the skills to start roasting your own coffee. Topics include:

  • Theory behind roasting
  • Chemical changes that occur inside the roaster’s drum and how to apply this knowledge to your roasting practice
  • Equipment operation and maintenance
  • Green bean selection and origins
  • Recognising errors made during the roasting process
  • Roasted coffee flavour profiles – degrees of roast
  • Basic blending techniques

Join us to be a part of the creation of your own signature coffee.

  • Roast the bean of your choice from our selection of wonderful coffees, from single origin to your own unique blend
  • Then make the same coffee, in five different ways – espresso, drip coffee, French press, pour-over and Turkish style

These sessions are designed to be shared by small groups, to gain a first hand, in-depth experience in their individual coffee journeys to remember, forever.

“We have a passion for coffee! We have no time for bad coffee.
Our time and good coffee are waiting……waiting for you!”